General Process Equipment

Fabcon Projects Limited is a leader in supplying complete solutions for the global potato processing and snack food industries. Our knowledge covers everything from raw material handling to frying, distribution and packing systems. See our pages dedicated to these latter systems. Our range also includes:

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SDS – Screw Destoning System

To prevent unnecessary damage to processing equipment, the removal of stones and pre-washing of potatoes is essential. The SDS provides a simple, effective solution for this operation. Potatoes are fed directly to the floating tank where stones, having a higher density, sink to the bottom. The potatoes float through the tank and are then lifted by the screw and conveyed to the peeling station.

The SDS incorporates a trap door in the floating tank which can be opened after production for removal of stones, sand, etc.

Singulators / slicer feed options

The singulator range ensures that potatoes are fed one by one to the slicer which helps minimise small and broken product pieces and maximises yields. Potatoes are singulated along the length of the feeder.

Two screw augers mounted parallel ensure potato separation and a single feed into the slicer. The unit includes adjustments that tune the feeder to the required characteristic for the slicer. The discharge chute and auger are adjustable to suit the required in-feed position for the slicer. Other options are a single high capacity screw feed, inverted V belts and ultimately a Free-Flow Direct vibrator with individual lanes.

Slice Washing Systems

Washing starts immediately at the point of slicing to maximise effectiveness. Small pieces are screened out, slices are dewatered giving improved efficiency and quality. Processing water can be filtered to purge excess starch, reducing fresh water usage by over 40% and lowering the content of starches and protein in the oil. Interchangeable screens allow flexibility and the open access construction aids cleaning and maintenance.

Screw Blanching Systems

The screw blancher handles the product very gently to minimise damages and breakages. For an even temperature control and heat transfer the blancher has a double water circulation system. The perforated screw has an adjustable speed to allow for the correct retention time. Water, which is pumped through pipes along the whole length of the body, gently agitates the product.

Continuous Blanching System for crisps/chips

A unique transversal, turbulent water flow ensures a uniform treatment of each slice. An outer circulation system distributes water to the injectors which creates the turbulent movement in the blanching water. The blanching water is heated by a direct injected steam or heat exchanger. A paddle conveyor divided into individual compartments ensures a set blanching time. This unit can be converted to a simple transfer conveyor when blanching is not required.

Frying Systems

The frying process is critical to achieve a quality product. Either mono flow or Multiple oil inlets and outlets set and maintain an exact temperature profile while minimising oil volume. A continuous oil filter, circulation pump and heat exchanger combine to maintain oil freshness. The hood creates a steam cover to protect the product and the oil and can be raised for cleaning and maintenance.

Filtration System

Oil must be continuously filtered to remove small particles to minimise particle build up and oil breakdown in the fryer. Oil is quickly and effectively filtered in full flow, all the time protected from the environment to avoid decomposition.

A variety of perforated screens is available from 1000 microns. These screens form a rotating drum. Debris is collected on the outside of the drum and removed via replaceable, stainless steel scrapers. Sizes are available up to 15,000l/min.

Bag filters

Bag filters are also available for lower throughputs and where continuous filtration is not required.