Vibratory Conveyors

Fabcon Food Systems Ltd. offer a wide range of vibratory conveyors to suit a variety of products from poultry to vegetables to snacks. Our range allows the processor a choice of bespoke solutions for their unique products.

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A simple, mechanically driven conveyor, designed for high volume or heavy load applications. The soft-start drive system of the Fabcon FREEDOM conveyors reduces power consumption and permits long conveyor lengths. Numerous options are available to customise for specific application needs, e.g. laning, screening, dewatering.

Also available is the FREEDOM-LIGHT model which is for lower volume installations.


The E-MOTION range of conveyors use electromagnetic drives resulting in highly reliable units that virtually eliminate maintenance and downtime. The controller allows variable product speeds enabling extensive regulation of product flow rates. Suiting a broad range of applications and offering gentle product handling with minimal maintenance, the unit will add value to your processing line.


The conventional electromagnetic vibrator, used extensively in the snacks industry, this unit uses the same controller as our E-Motion range but has an inbuilt sensor for control. Available with and without gates, screens and fines decks, these units became the industry standard many years ago, we have enhanced the product with finite analysis methods and improved performance, reliability and energy consumption.

We also offer The Flow-sure VIBRA WEIGH for accurate seasoning application with feedback to the seasoner.


A highly versatile range of conveyors offering a simple, economical solution for a variety of product handling needs.

Reliable, eccentric drives offer improved serviceability and easy installation. Available with a large choice of options, the range can be adapted to meet a variety of applications from a simple transfer conveyor to more complex dewatering unit.